Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ReUpp

We partner with retailers to offer a guaranteed buy-back program for eligible items.


ReUpp Customer

By choosing the ReUpp buy-back from one of our preferred partners, we guarantee to purchase back eligible items within a set time frame.

Be a part of a circular economy at the time of first purchase!

  • No commitment necessary. If you want to love your item forever we encourage you to do so
  • The ReUpp guaranteed rate is in ‘new’ to ‘gently loved’ condition. If we receive anything outside of this it will affect your rate

Once you commit to a ReUpp guarantee, you will receive instructions on how to activate your buy-back.


When you opt for a ReUpp buy-back you can send us your eligible item at any point during your buy-back period.

Yes, at any time during your buy-back term you may send in your item and receive your advertised buy-back rate*

-*This rate is only guaranteed in like-new or gently loved condition and once the item is sent, any signs of wear may affect the quoted price.

There is no commitment necessary, if you decide within your term you would like to ReUpp your item you may do so at that time.

We work with resale partners and are happy to connect you to consign your item but can no longer guarantee the buy-back rate.

This price is based on the going resale prices for that brand and specific product type.

Happy ReUpping!

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To install ReUpp, please visit this page in Google Chrome.
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